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WOW! Computer Basics

Music, Video, and Video Chat on the WOW! Computer

WOW! Computer Support and Specifications

WOW! Computer Basics 

Who was the WOW! Computer designed to serve?

We designed the WOW! Computer for seniors and baby boomers with little or no experience using computers. We soon realized that the WOW! Computer appealed to many people who wanted a simple, easy to use computer.

Does the WOW! Computer run on Windows?

No. The WOW! Computer runs on a Linux operating system we’ve customized to support our touch screen capabilities. We chose Linux to avoid frequent problems with viruses and to provide a more secure, problem-free computer environment. Linux has been developed over the last 20 years by numerous companies and currently runs on millions of computers. In fact, about 60% of all internet servers run Linux.

Can I add my own software to this computer?

No. The WOW! Computer is designed as a family or personal computer. We pre-install a broad set of popular and necessary applications including Email, Web Browsing, Photos, Video Phone, Games, Music & Video Playing and a Digital Picture Frame Screensaver. Better still, we include free software updates for life at no extra cost. Our goal is to provide a truly easy, hassle-free computer that is simple to use and maintain. That goal simply isn’t possible if we allow thousands of different applications to be installed as with standard computers.

Do I need a high speed internet connection?

Generally, Yes. The WOW! Computer is designed to work with a high speed internet connection. It will operate without a high speed internet connection; however, many features depend on a high speed connection to work their best. For example, email and web browsing would be noticeably slower and video chat may be too choppy to enjoy.

Can the WOW! Computer connect to a wireless network?

Yes. The required hardware and software to pick up a wireless network signal (also called “wi-fi”) are built into your WOW! Computer.

Aside from using the built-in applications, what else can I do with the WOW! Computer?

A lot. Almost everything a standard computer can do on the Internet also can be done with your WOW! Computer. Many customers love to read the newspaper in large print, check the weather, get driving directions, go shopping online, use the many services available on sites like Yahoo and Google and learn about topics that interest them.

If someone sends me an email with a PDF, Word, Excel or PowerPoint file attached, will I be able to open it?

Yes. Your WOW! Computer has the necessary software pre-installed to handle all of these file types.

Can I write and print my own documents?

The WOW! Computer has an integrated word processor that lets you write, edit, save and print your own text documents. It also includes software for spreadsheets and slide presentations. Most recent HP printers will work with your WOW! Computer – just plug the USB cable from your printer into the WOW! Computer.

Music, Video, and Video Chat on the WOW! Computer 

Can I listen to music from the WOW! Computer?

Yes. You can listen to any of the thousands of radio stations available on the internet. Web sites such as offer a broad selection across many types of programming. Note the WOW! Computer is not compatible with Apple’s iTunes service.

Can I watch videos on my WOW! Computer?

Yes. You can watch Internet video from YouTube, Hulu and many other web sites. (Hulu is a collection of thousands of TV shows, movies, and other programs).

Can I load photos from my digital camera?

You can upload, print, and share photos from a digital camera via any of the 6 built-in USB ports.

Can I send my digital photos from the WOW! Computer to other people?

Yes. You can send your digital photos to friends & family through email as file attachments.

Can I place a video call from my WOW! Computer to anyone who has a regular computer?

The Video Chat feature uses Skype’s latest technology. It is compatible with almost all computers that have a webcam. The person you want to call must have a webcam and a video chat account and be one of your contacts.

Do I need to buy anything else to do a video call from my WOW! Computer?

All you need is high-speed internet access and your new WOW! Computer. It comes with a webcam, microphone, speakers and Skype video chat software all built-in.

Can I place a regular phone call from WOW! Computer?

No. The WOW Video Chat feature does not support calls to regular phone numbers. Note that Skype is free for all calls directly between two computers (also called Skype to Skype calls).

WOW! Computer Support and Specifications 

Do I need to use an anti-virus program on my WOW! Computer?

One of the many benefits of using the Linux based operating platform is that it is highly secure. Most computer viruses out there are targeted at computers running Windows and as such cannot infect computers running a Linux operating system (like your WOW! Computer). We provide “server side” virus protection on our end for an extra measure of safety and security.

What is VIP Support and how much does it cost?

Every WOW! Computer comes with 30 days of VIP Support at no cost. This includes ongoing personal help from our USA based support staff with how to use your WOW! Computer’s many functions, technical issues, automatic backup of your files and settings and several other benefits. Unlimited use of VIP Support is only $9.95/month.

What is a ‘Tech Buddy’?

A Tech Buddy is a friend or family member that wants to help you use your WOW! Computer. After you give them the User Name and Password you create for them, they can log into our Tech Buddy web site and access your WOW! Computer from their own computer. They can see and control your screen from their computer and help you with whatever question or problem you have. You’ll even be able to watch what happens on your screen! This also is how our VIP Support staff will teach you if you ask them to show you how to do something.

What type of warranty is included?

The WOW! Computer comes with a 30-day, 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed return policy, 30-day unlimited VIP Support, and a 1 year hardware warranty.

What are the hardware specs of the WOW! Computer?

Screen 21.5″ High Definition Touch Panel
Processor Intel Celeron Quad Core Processor
Memory 2 GB RAM
Hard Drive 32 GB SSD Flash Drive (Additional Cloud Storage Available)
Webcam Built-in 1.0MP Webcam with Microphone
Input/Output 8 USB Ports, 1 Microphone In, 1 Earphone Out, 10/100/1000 LAN
Wireless 802.11 b/g/n
Speakers Stereo Speakers with Premium Sound
Input Devices Keyboard and Mouse Included

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