The WOW! Computer™ puts the world at your fingertips.
Just touch a big, easy to read button on the screen and you’re on your way!

  • Seniors love the Touch Screen Monitor
  • U.S. based customer support
  • Free software updates forever!
  • Sets up in 5 minutes
  • Save $150 today!

It’s a Touch Screen

The big, bright screen is easy to see and push button navigation makes getting around a snap. The touch screen makes learning how to use the WOW! Computer so much more intuitive too – you can simply reach out and touch what you want to do. Also, for people who may have physical challenges like arthritis, for instance, using a keyboard and mouse may prove difficult. These users often find the touch screen much more accessible because they can simply touch the icons on the screen to get going.

It’s All You Need

There’s no additional software to buy – ever!
New programs and updates are provided automatically
for the life of your WOW! Computer.
It comes with all of this and much more:

  • One touch text “Zoom” up to 200%
  • Video chat, email & calendar
  • Digital photo frame screen saver
  • Free anti-virus & malware protection
  • Built in games like Mahjong & Solitaire
Shop Journey
Shop Journey

Customer Reviews

“I want to tell you how impressed I am with this WOW COMPUTER. As you can see, I am a new customer and before this purchase I had NO knowledge of what computers could or would do. Since using the WOW, life has changed – it is so much fun and working with your team is an absolute pleasure.”

Left Sheila D. Right

“WOW! The perfect name for this computer. (…) Everything is so easy to use at the touch of my fingertips. To be able to chat with and see my grandchildren is as though they are here with me. (…) It has opened up a whole new world for me. I love it, love it, love it!”

Left Carol K. Right

“One word describes the WOW Computer… WOW! I never thought a computer would be an asset to me but the last 2 months have changed my mind. I emailing, writing my newsletter column, looking up entertainers on YouTube to bring to my community, etc., etc. Thanks for making such a great product.”

Left Doug M. Right

Get Your WOW! Computer NOW

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invest in a computer that was made just for you. Whether you’re brand new to the world of computers or you’ve tried them before and ended up with nothing more than frustration, the WOW! Computer is your solution.
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